How to Service Your Own Computer?

Often when people give their computers for technical cleaning, they do not even realize that they are paying money for things they could have done themselves. Some computer adjustments are easier than you might think, so you can easily learn to do them yourself. In this article, we will go over the top PC problems and how to fix them so that you understand that you can maintain your computer yourself.

Remove viruses and malware

Infecting your Windows system with viruses is a very common problem that has not gone away with time. But if it does happen to your PC don’t rush to give it to the repair center and pay for it, after all, you can do pc repair by yourself. Any firm that deals with such cases do not use any “secret techniques of programmers”, they use the usual anti-virus tools, which are now available to anyone.

But to find a decent antivirus, you need to surf the Internet and read some reviews on the best of them. But if you don’t have time for that, we can advise you on a couple of these programs right away.

So, Kaspersky and Bitdefender are some of the best antivirus programs not only for 2021, they have been in the top three for several years in a row. Of course, they don’t provide free services, but free antiviruses usually have a bunch of extra unnecessary activities that will distract you from the main task.

If the infection process has already run very deep, we cannot guarantee that even the best antivirus will completely remove all malicious files. In such a case, you will usually have to reinstall the operating system and you can do it yourself.

Reinstall the operating system

When people notice that the performance of their computer decreased significantly they go two ways: either replace it with a more recent model or take it to the repair shop. In the second case, when the computer becomes overloaded with different files and programs a simple reinstallation of Windows is the most effective solution to the problem. This method also solves your other problems with your PC such as corrupted files or drivers.

Newer computers have a built-in factory reset function which you can activate by pressing the right keys during the boot process, refer to your computer’s manual to find it. You may also have special CDs or DVDs from which you can restore your computer.

But before you start the reinstallation process, take care of backups of the files you need. In some cases, the computer can do this for you, and in some cases, you will be asked to do it manually.

Remove enabled Bloatware

Once you’ve returned your PC to its factory settings you may find a bunch of unnecessary programs on your screen. The fact is that computer manufacturers are paid to enable these programs, which slow down your computer and clutter your system tray.

To get rid of them yourself you can either:

  • Go to PC Decrapifier, it will analyze your computer and remove malicious files if any


  • Open the “Remove Programs” tab and manually delete all malicious programs one by one.