Best Android games with Bluetooth controller support

Many game developers are taking the extra time to make sure their creations support Bluetooth gamepads, but there aren’t many of them at the moment. In addition, as a rule, the creators do not bother to indicate this feature in the description of their game, so in this article, we have collected a list of the best android games that can be played with controllers. Some of them may be very familiar to you, but we will still do a brief description of each of them.

Call of Duty Mobile

We can safely say that Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most successful works to play on Android. The mobile version certainly does not disappoint the loyal fans of this game and offers a full set of multiplayer modes – choose what you want. The style and design of the game exactly convey the atmosphere of the franchise. The game retains all the basic deathmatch team modes, and even the Battle Royale mode.

Tencent Games has made a great contribution to the performance of this game. In the popular mobile shooter fans will easily recognize the well-known interface and qualitatively optimized performance for mobile devices.


Terraria cell phone is a 2D sandbox game with survival elements. The main goal of the game, kill all the bosses on your way. After creating your unique character, you find yourself in the created world. You are automatically given a standard set of tools in the form of a dagger, pickaxe, and ax. You explore the world, collect resources and learn from your companion recipes and combinations that will help you change something. You build a shelter and survive the night in it. This is an exciting game with something new all the time. The uncomplicated plot is a great way to pass the time.

GRID Autosport

There are many races in the catalog of Android games, but few could convey all the realism of the gameplay and provide quality graphics. GRID Autosport is a racing game that offers the most vivid experience after racing competitions, which you can enhance several times with the support of Bluetooth controllers.

The game is worth your attention, as its performance can be compared to the console, and the realistic physics of the game is worthy of respect. The game conveys every scratch and damaged part after the races. There are over 100 different models of cars and a variety of tracks to race on, ranging from open tracks to chaotic demolition races.

Build your career as a professional racer in the dedicated career mode or choose the one-off race mode. This game perfectly balances between easy and hard mode and will never disappoint you, because you are entitled to customize all the settings yourself.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is an intense shooter that, when connected to controllers, will play with new colors. The story revolves around your character Nicholas Tesla, who fights the evil genius Lovecraft to save the world from the monsters that his opponent has decided to settle in our world. In your arsenal of weapons, there is a large collection of different tools that are amazing in their diversity.

Each level has random monsters that you have to destroy, and some levels contain boss battles. Kill enemies, pump up HP and get perks that will help you in the battle. There are over 30 levels of play and three complexity levels in the game.